Matcha is one of nature’s most powerful sources of vitality and wellness. A brilliant green powder made by stone-grinding the finest green tea leaves, matcha is consumed as a whole food; it is the purest form of healthy tea.  Every OMACCHAYA products contain essential plant nutrients that will energize your body, improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and promote vibrant health.


Gram for gram, matcha has more antioxidants than any other natural source. With over 130 times the concentration of antioxidants of steeped green tea, matcha provides a powerful natural defense for your whole body.


L-Theanine is a rare amino acid found in green tea that is responsible for a unique result, a calm energy. It reacts with the natural caffeine in tea, improving mood and reducing stress. Released over several hours, it has been shown to increase brain activity and prolong concentration.


Perhaps the most beneficial component of green tea. Catechins are super antioxidants 25 times as potent as Vitamin C and 100 times as potent as Vitamin E. Highly concentrated in green tea, they are exceptional at protecting our cells from oxidative damage and fighting free radicals that encourage arterial buildup. 


Chlorophyll is to plants as blood is to humans. This powerful compound cleans our red blood cells and creates new ones; it helps our body detox and stay strong to fight infections. Green is good.


Long understood to be a powerful immune booster, beta carotene promotes skin and eye health, too.  The amount in matcha is higher than tomatoes and carrots. One of nature’s strongest weapons against aging and time - live longer.

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