Jérémie Vallé is the driving force behind the creation of OMACCHAYA. Having been brought up in a family that has included gourmets, pastry chefs and restaurateurs for several generations, Jeremie moved to Japan 13 years ago. It was there that he met the young tea producer who would inspire him to create OMACCHAYA. Through this friendship, the doors of the usually very closed world of tea producers were opened to him. He began to work with one of the oldest tea factory in the Shizuoka region.

Jeremie Valle places particular importance on sustainable development and human-scale production, and has always sought to create innovative, high quality products.

OMACCHAYA is the realization of his dream: to connect East and West, tradition with innovation, so that generations old and new can come together in an original product that has its basis in a cultural tradition that dates back more than eight centuries.


OMACCHAYA connects Asia and the West, gastronomy and design, traditions and modern ways of life. While adding their personal elegant touch in the approach and savoring of Japanese artisanal teas, they respect to the letter the authentic art of its fabrication. 


OMACCHAYA is also a bridge between Japan and France by combining the best crafts of the 2 countries. The process is monitored on a daily basis so that the product you will taste and touch one day will impart this unique, perfect flavor and style.

Our aim is to ensure that you share unique and exceptional experiences throughout our selection and creation of Japanese fine teas and French travel cakes.

If today, the artisanal matcha is almost exclusively reserved for the use of insiders (tea ceremony), Omacchaya has chosen to bring it back to the people as a daily treat.

Finally, particular attention is paid to the texture and design of all our packaging and wrappings, and as the rest of our products are carefully handmade.


OMACCHAYA’s evolution

In 2016 we were the specialist in artisanal Japanese matcha. Back then our introduction pitch was:

Omacchaya sells only “seed to powder” made matcha. We are based in Japan working

hand in hand with our community of farmers. Sustainable farming for the benefit of all (pesticide free, solar plantations). We produce a very authentic high-quality Japanese matcha. Controlled Origin. Respect of Craft/Authentic methods. Elegantly packaged.


In 2018 we are becoming a fine «Maison de thés»…

Our offer has expanded to all Japanese premium teas. Sourcing directly from selected farmers all around Japan the best sensha, houjicha, genmaicha, gyokuro, kocha, to name a few. We are currently working on mixing our own flavored teas using exclusively natural extracts & aromas made in Grasse (France), the world fragrance capital.